Made during a Product Design course at "Studio 6b" guided by Sagi Shrieber

Cookease helps young and inexperienced cookers to overcome complicated and inaccessible recipes. It makes them easy to use, personally custom, and better user experience recipes with one app.

This project was born as a result of my challenges in the kitchen. At the time I was living in a small apartment with a very small kitchen that didn't have a lot of room for all the cooking utensils that usually recipes rely on. In addition, I didn't have much cooking experience and had a difficult time following recipes.

I wanted to find the perfect recipes that will cater to my needs and match my values and lifestyle.

That was my challenge: I spent a lot of time investigating different recipe sites and apps, checking their instructions and the utensils needed, and how easy to use they are. I also notice most of them don't have a good user experience, especially in the iPad/tablet mode which for me is the most convenient way to use recipes.

I wanted to find a fast and easy way to experience cooking. First I decided to check how other people feel, and what their experiences with recipes are like. During my research, I discovered that I’m not the only one that finds the current sites and apps tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. That’s how I came up with Cookease.

More and more people use recipes these days for cooking. The current experience of today's websites and apps is inefficient and time-consuming. It’s hard to find a good recipe that fits the user's skills, tools, and ingredients. In addition, the user interface of those websites is poor and hard to use and navigate during cooking. Many times users find themselves stuck doing cooking time because they are missing ingredients or cooking utensils and the current sites and apps don’t offer any solutions.


To create a simple and efficient recipes app, including options to personalize the recipes to fit the user's tools and ingredients. An app that can learn the users’ behavior and preferences, and help them to make great meals, fast, easy, seamless, and help them learn new amazing food recipes. An App that offers solutions for the users that miss ingredients or cooking utensils.

Easy to use:

Use a great user experience that fits the cooking time.

Having the option to change the ingredients or cooking utensils.

Learn from the user’s behavior and preferences.

Make it easy to learn new recipes with a step-by-step instructions.

A glimpse into my work process


To better understand the problem and the users’ needs and pain points, I surveyed 60 users who experienced recipes.
Below are some of the answers and data that I collected.



use recipes apps


using recipes websites


are satisfied with their cooking skills


usually cook alon



reported that it’s easy for them
to follow recipes


are open to discovering new
ways to find recipes

What are you doing when something is unclear or missing in the recipe?

“I'm upset because I like that everything is accurate. I'm looking for another more detailed recipe or worse, I improvised.”

“Compare 2-3 different recipes before cooking”

“Improvises or asks a group of friends on WhatsApp”

When you are cooking with a recipe, what is the biggest challenge you encounter?

“Don't miss steps and find recipes that I already have all or at least most of the ingredients at home.”

“In complex recipes, I am challenged by the timing of all the ingredients (i.e. weighting all the ingredients I make during the recipe and not before).”

״Many times it is written to do actions or use products that I have no idea what they are. I would like it to be explained in terms that someone like me can understand״


Mor Levi
Gender: woman
Age: 25
Lives in a metropolitan area
Have a full-time job.
Cooking alone mostly
Cooking for 5 years

Recipes sites: 9/10
Improvise: 6/10
YouTube / Facebook: 3/10
Recipe books: 2/10

Drive: “I love to cook. I want to learn new recipes and techniques”

“I need a clear recipe to write in a way I understand. I lack explanations of ingredients. It's hard for me to match products which what I have and what is available to me”

  • A perfectionist that likes to be in control.
  • Doesn't like to find herself in a position where she doesn't have the answer. 
  • Values high-quality food.

Meet: Cookease


Change ingredients

Step by step instructions

Voice control

Make tasty food

On the homepage, you can choose whether you prefer to use the app’s recipes suggestion or explore recipes on your own. You can also browse for recipes by the ingredients available to you, the difficulty level, and cook in your available time.

By default, the app allows users to see the recipes without onboarding and doing a login to experience the app before deciding to join.

To have more personalized recipes users can log in and they will be asked about their cooking utensils and cooking skills.

On the recipe page, the user can see at a glance all the things needed to start cooking: the ingredients, tools, time, and how many steps are needed. If some ingredients are missing the user can ask for an alternative. After choosing to switch ingredients the app automatically will change the recipe to fit the new ingredients and change the instructions accordingly.

When everything is ready and the user decides to start cooking it starts the step-by-step interface. To keep the hands on the food and not make a mess to the iPad/tablet, we made the UI completely rely on voice control. On each step, the app will read you the instructions and display a video demonstration and the needed ingredients for this step. The user can interact with the app asking the voice assistant to go to the next step, add a timer, reread the instructions, and more.

Note: Unmute the videos to hear the voice assistant. 

To improve the recipes offered to the user, the app will ask at the end of each recipe a quick feedback.


Mobile phone app
Quick scan the user's kitchen with
the camera to update the
cooking utensils

Quick scan the user's available ingredients with the camera to see suitable recipes


Bon Appétit