Docaviv – the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival is the largest film festival in the city of Tel Aviv, and the only festival in Israel dedicated exclusively to documentary films. It is among the world’s leading documentary festivals, with over 120 new local and international documentaries screened each year. In 2018, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences listed Docaviv as one of the leading festivals whose winners automatically qualify for Oscar consideration.

The Docaviv Film Festival happens each year in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. In 2021 during Covid, the film fest management decided to transform the event into a hybrid event happening both in the cinematheque and online. Doing this time Docaviv website was used and built to see the film program and as a secondary way to order tickets. The decision to make a hybrid fest meant that the website need a total transformation. The main challenge was to transform a traditional fest website into a new initiative SaaS that customers can watch the films directly from the website.

Our high-level goals were to:
    1. To make a familiar experience to buy tickets online and offline in the same UI.
    2. to increase ticket sales by diversifying the product.
    3. to complete the transmission in 3 mounts.

I led the research, flow proposals and designs of the experiment. I worked alongside the CEO, Product Manager, and Frontend engineers, to deliver a smoother experience to our users.


To start this project we needed a deep look at the current website. We record users of the website and analyze them in order to find their pain points. Based on the findings and adding our goals, we create a new user journey map starting at  the moment a user enters the site until he/she watches a film. We split this process into three steps:
    1. Choosing a film
    2. Buying process
    3. Manage the films and ticket packs process


Docaviv program includes several films competitions, a special tribute program dedicated to the work of esteemed filmmakers, as well as themed programs dedicated to music, art, social issues, and other curated programs. The challenge was to choose the right film for the user. For that, we created the movies page to serve as a navigator. In which, you can find a film by competition, by a theme and subject, in a free search bar. The next page is the film page which includes all the information needed like the short info, dates, the creator bio, and more. It was important for us to continue the user's flow by adding other similar film suggestions at the bottom of the page.

After choosing a film we reached the most complex part of making a hybrid fest: the buying process. Each film has a different screening time at the cinematheque and a limited amount of tickets for online screening. In addition, the fest offers a ticket pack for the users. There are two ticket packs, one for the cinematheque and the other online. The buying process user interface needs to answer all the different scenarios in one place. In addition, we want to encourage users to buy ticket packs, therefore we added a special offer for offline users without a  ticket pack.

We added new pages for the user to see all the films purchased and the ticket packs on one page, and the purchase history.

Thank you!